It all started with a simple picture I've made. I think I made a joke about myself and my inability to 3d model hands and feet.
But as it always happens in my life - I started thinking about the alternative meaning of an image I'm creating. Maybe the character is just really into basketball. Perhaps he is stuck. Or maybe it's a metaphor for achieving your life goals and preparing yourself for something bigger.
Sorry for that. A little spark of the opportunity to turn the simple character into a story made me draw a storyboard and find a soundtrack. All of it was done in an hour.
If I would've followed this storyboard, I would've done it in 2 weeks. A month - in the most extreme conditions. But this project went on an adventure for 8 months. All because of my intent to make it the project of a lifetime.
But going through countless iterations, I've learned a lesson I wanted to share with the world - sometimes, you need to let go and go on. It took me 8 months to understand and laugh at myself. Because that project itself was a literal interpretation of that lesson.
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