Creative minds are constantly in motion, but can seem static to observers. A motionless person looking at a single point on the wall for hours does not cause too much inspiration. If we could look inside his brain at this moment, we would see what kind of battles are being waged for pieces of original ideas. This project is an attempt to shed some light on what is happening in the thinker's head.
Step 1 — Tower of thoughts
All the possible routes and unexplored ideas wait here to be found. Each door leads to another door, to another tower, to another door. Peaceful mind can walk here for hours but any doubt will shatter this fragile structure.
Step 2 — Linear Procrastination
Once you arrive here there is only one way. Infinite path of pure joy and desperation. You can't control much here but hey, look at these funny dogs and cats.
Step 3 — Road to nowhere
Each time you go through here, you get nothing. Imagine flushing infinite possibilities into one toilet. And then throw this toilet in a black hole. Empty.
Step 4 — Blank page
Here we are again. White paper or screen glowing at you with contempt. Mind filled with entertaining content can't come up with anything. And you stand there alone in darkness until you open the new door. Maybe this time you will find something.
Unused Concepts
Director/Producer: Lenar Singatullov
Sound Design: Sound Force
Onsite | Remote | Travel.
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