A music video for a Russian singer Zemfira telling a story about the butler Austin — the main character of the Hopescapes game — who had a nightmare. I developed the whole scene down below
This dark atmosphere is not really usual in my works, that's why it was very interesting and challenging to produce this scene. The principles of animation and lighting are universal and can be applied to any task.
As I'm not a Houdini God almost every moving thing in that sequence is hand-animated. I started with some basic dynamics simulations and ended up baking it as a reference and recreating most of the animations based on the needs of a director. No other method could give us such flexibility in art direction.
The amount of work the team put into that music video is immense. And it all came with a reward: The Berlin Music Video Awards Winner and 2 mln views on YouTube. Check out the full project and credits on the studio Petrick website
Client: Playrix
Agency: Petrick
Animation: Lenar Singatullov
CG Generalist: Lenar Singatullov
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