Technoavia is the biggest personal protective equipment manufacturer in Russia. The goal was to show how the company's innovative systems can integrate into the business and solve its problems. The main character starts in a typical company, demonstrating popular problems it faces, and then solves them with the help of Technoavia.
Working closely with the client and agency, I helped with the script, storyboard, animatic, and all environment scenes. To develop these scenes I took soviet modernism architecture as a basis and mixed it with current trends in industrial interior design
Characters were made by the ARTMAN studio. To speed up the process, all animation was done using motion capture. The first versions of the characters were more stylized but it was decided to bring everything in a more strict style that corresponds to the image of the client.
Due to tight deadlines, some scenes were developed without the script. Some of them were not included in the final editing, but it helped to start production quickly right after the script was approved by the client.
Client: Technoavia
Production | Characters: Artman
Script | Creative: Artman, Lenar Singatullov
Storyboard | 3D and Motion Graphics: Lenar Singatullov
Onsite | Remote | Travel.
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